Problem when building ROOT

Issue has been resolved

do not know what the cause of the build errors is (it looks like some symbols are missing from the standard library, which is weird and I wouldn’t know how to tackle).

But I can point out two other ways you can get ROOT on windows:

  1. use our docker distribution, all instructions are at the linked page
  2. you could try download pre-compiled binaries for ubuntu instead of downloading the sources and compile them yourself. I don’t know if this works with Windows Subsystem for Linux but it’s literally 5 minutes to try it out: just untar the archive you find here under “binary distribution”, then set it up with source your_root_binary_dir/bin/, that’s it

issue has been resolved

This smells like an ABI issue: root has been compiled with the new ABI of C++11 while the local toolchain isn’t ready yet for that (or the other way around)

I had (almost) no problem building ROOT (master, but it shouldn’t matter) on the Linux subsystem of Windows 10, using cmake ../../git/master, and then make -j8

But I don’t have ODBC. Did you enable it yourself? Could you try without ODBC?

Cheers, Bertrand.

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