Problem using scientific notation in CINT


I want to format strings with scientific notation. A quick google says I can just insert the “scientific” in between two pairs of “<”, i.e. use "<< scientific << ". This does not seem to work in cint though:

root [0] Double_t mark = 5.0
root [1] std::cout << " mark is " << mark << std::endl;
mark is 5
root [2] std::cout << scientific << " mark is " << mark << std::endl;
Error: operator<< not defined for ios_base (tmpfile):1:
Error: << Illegal operator for real number (tmpfile):1:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***
root [3]

All the examples I can find in google say the above should work for C++. Is there a reason it does not in CINT (or am I missing something else I need to do to use the scientific notation)?




This problem is fixed by revision 33585 of the trunk.