Problem using Richardson-Lucy deconvolution

I am using root 5.18/0 on winxp. I cannot get the TSpectrum::DeconvolutionRL() method to work. I’ve attached a root file that contains a spectrum and response histogram. The “Gold” method, Deconvolution(), seems to work fine thought I cannot seem to find the peaks at 421 and 425 - I’ve tried many parameter choices. Thats when I attempted the Richardson-Lucy method - no luck at all… Ideas?
spectrum.root (40.1 KB)
deconvolute.cpp (516 Bytes)


I will report thr problem to the author (Miroslav Morhac). Meanwhile I suggest to replace

s.DeconvolutionRL(&pDeconv->fArray[1],&pResponse->fArray[1], pSpectrum->GetNbinsX(),100,100,1.2); by

s.Deconvolution(&pDeconv->fArray[1],&pResponse->fArray[1], pSpectrum->GetNbinsX(),10,10,1.0);