Problem using MakeClass

I have a problem that never happened to me when
I use MakeClass.

This is what I do:
TFile *ff = new TFile(“Bhh_Dati.root”)
df = (TTree *) gROOT->FindObject(“DFINDER”);
Then I quit root and enter again and I do:
.L tt.C+
tt t
but I don’t get the event correctly (actually I get the
correct ones for the branch “HEAD” but not for the branch “D0”).
I’ve tried other things like printing out the variables in
t.Loop() but the result is the same.

The file Bhh_Dati.root is in

       Thanks and Regards
              Anna Maria

I do not see anything wrong with your file (except that it is probably the most inefficient Tree structure that I have ever seen!).

Are you running with a very old version of ROOT (for example, version 4
was not supporting this type of structure). In case you run with an old version,
the only thing that I can suggest is to try with 5.14.