Problem using "Execute" for Reset method


I have a TObject and I want to call its Reset method if it happens to have one. Unfortunately, it always says that the number of parameters is wrong.

root [0] TH1F *h = new TH1F("test", "test", 10, 10, 10);
root [1] h->Fill(3);
root [2] h->Reset(); // no parameter and it works
root [3] TMethod *m = h->IsA()->GetMethodAny("Reset")
root [4] h->Execute(m, 0)
Error in <TCint::Execute>: Wrong number of the parameters

What am I doing wrong ?
Thank you

Hi again,

To be noted that the following works :

h->Execute("Reset", "")

It seems that passing a null pointer for the params is not ok. Can you confirm ?


Hi Barth,

This was unintentional. This is fixed in the master and v5.34/00 patch branch.


Thank you very much !