Problem to link with Root for Cygwin binaries


I have compile by myself a previous version of ROOT 5.13.02 and I usually use it without any problem to compile c++ programs and make executables.
However, when I simply download new binaries on the ROOT website and use it by changing ROOTSYS, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH with the new path to the new version of root, I have “undefined reference error” when I try to generate the executable.
I have already checked that all my environement variables are set correctly and I also use in my make file $(shell root-config --cflags) and $(shell root-config --glibs) to set the includes and the needed libraries.
I know that in my build of root, only shortcuts (without dll.a libs) have been generated in the ‘root/lib’ folder and it seems that it’s not the case in the folder of the new version.
What could be the problem ? Is there any compilation options to add in order to make the link properly with the binaries directly downloaded on the website.

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When I try to run a program compile with the link on v5.13.02 with the root variables set to the new version of root I have a "dlopen error"
I have tried to copy all the dll present in the ‘root/bin’ directory into the ‘root/lib’ dir and I have some errors like “class TFile already in TClassTable”.

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I’ll check in a few hours.


I don’t see any problem with the win32gcc binaries for e.g. 5.15.06. Are you sure you removed all object files, .dlls and .exes from your build before re-building with the new ROOT version? Generally you will have to rebuild all your code when switching ROOT versions.


Hello Axel thanks for your replys and sorry to answer a little bit late I was abroad for a few days.

The problem is, I have never managed to link properly with a pre-compiled version of root downloaded from the ROOT website.
I am obliged to compile the root sources under cygwin by myself to make it works and because it takes a long time, I would prefer to use directly the compiled version for cygwin available from the ROOT website.
The problem I have with the pre-compiled version is the one describe above.

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sorry, I’m on vacation until May 29. I will try to solve your problem then.
Cheers, Axel.

I downloaded root_v5.15.06.win32gcc.tar.gz, unpacked it, did “. bin/”, and ran “cd bou; make” on the attached files. Works for me with $ cygcheck -c gcc cygwin -d Cygwin Package Information Package Version Status cygwin 1.5.24-2 OK gcc 3.4.4-3 OK
bou.tar.gz (366 Bytes)