Problem setting up ROOT 5.34 in LXPLUS

Dear ROOT experts.

I want to use the ROOT version 5.34 that is at


I have the following script in my .tcshrc

Setting ROOT 5.34

if ( -r /afs/ ) then
echo "Loading ROOT 5.34"
cd /afs/; source bin/thisroot.csh

The script loads normaly, however, when I do

root-config --incdir

it returns


The problem is that the PATH variable contains a wrong ROOT directory (that was set by the script inside .tcshrc)

PATH= … /afs/ …

but the right path should be

PATH= … /afs/

Should I execute another script to set-up LXPLUS to work with root v 5.34?



the recommended way to set up the environment is

. /afs/
. /afs/          


I cannot reproduce de the problem. You need to ensure that ROOTSYS is not set, in particular not set to empty.

$ unsetenv ROOTSYS
$ source /afs/
$ echo $PATH /afs/

$ root-config --incdir

Do NOT “unsetenv ROOTSYS” (nor “unset ROOTSYS” in “[b][ak]sh”). The “bin/thisroot.[c]sh” scripts are expected to remove any “old” existing ROOT related entries in all relevant environment variables before adding “new” ones.

Unfortunately the .csh script suffers from a bug when ROOTSYS is defined but empty, which is my case. I agree that in general you do not need to do it.

I created a bug report: