Problem running

ROOT Version: 6.14/4
Platform: Linux Mint 17.1
Compiler: GCC 4.8.4

Hi all, I am trying to run the latest version of Root on Linux Mint 17.1. The step where I am right now is running this script in bash in order to set up the environmental variables. when I try to run the script, I get the following error:
./ line 33: ${(%):-%N}: bad substitution

I am using Root for an assignment that is due this coming Friday, so I would really appreciate any help that anyone can provide.:grinning:

Do you have the same behavior if you try this instead?


I’ve seen in some other cases source and ./ on shell scripts behaving differently (would be interested to know why…) and this might be one of those.



Hi Afiq,

Thank you very much. I think that worked, because I did not get any error messages.

I can confirm that is absolutely meant to be sourced, not executed :slight_smile:

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