Problem running root from another program

We would like to start root from an environment where stdin, stdout and stderr are re-directed to another program. When started up this way, the “WELCOME to ROOT” message is seen in stdout, but there are problems:

  1. The commend line prompt, root [0], never appears
  2. Root’s stdin appears to be blocked: Root does not respond to input
  3. root’s stdout appears to be buffered (unknown size). However, the gui functions properly (root is run with a script on the command line that launches a gui) and its output (e.g. printf()'s) evetually gets displayed when the buffer becomes filled and gets dumped.
  4. root.exe continuously eats up 25-75% of the CPU (depending on system) while its idling.

I’ve tried win32gdk root version 3.10/2 and 4.00/4.

IS there a way to run root in such an environment? Thanks!

Hi Ed,

This is possible everywhere but on windows :frowning:. Bertrand is currently looking for a solution.