Problem related to ROOT installation

Dear ROOTers
I was trying to install [color=red]root_v5.02.00.source.tar [/color]in Fedora 7 operating system. But after untarring the source file when I am giving

[color=red]./ configure [/color]

in my terminal it is showing the following error:
[color=blue]Configuring for linux
Checking for libX11 … no
configure: libX11 (package x11-devel) MUST be installed[/color]

So, how to recover from this or which version is compatible with Fedora 7 ?
Plz. give suggesstions.
Thanks in advance.



you need to install the x11-devel package for Fedora 7, or get someone to install, as you apparently don’t have it installed. I am honestly surprised that you did not get to this conclusion from the error message; did you misunderstand it? Can we improve it?