Problem related to open a tree from a root file

ROOT Version: 6.26.10

Hi.I try to open a root file via Google Chrome browser.When it opened,I did click on the tree but it didn’t open.It show me a warning message and then i couldn’t open it again.I restarted the browser but it displayed the same message again .How can i solve this problem?Also Can someone suggest me an other broswer to open a root file?

Thanks for your Help
Dimitris Krokos

Hi @dhmhtrhskrokos,

Thanks for reporting the problem. I am CC’ing @linev, so that he is aware.
Could you perhaps share a minimal ROOT file that reproduces the issue? Alternatively, you can try with the old non-web-based TBrowser interface, as in:

root [0] TBrowser b;


Hi Dimitris,

Can you see any error output in the console where ROOT is running?
Can you provide ROOT file which makes a problem?

To activate old browser, you have to run root --web=off.


Finally there wasn’t problem.I just had to wait for a long time,i don’t know the why.Thanks both of you for the help.
I try to open with root [0] TBrowser b; but it doesn’t open.May someone tell me what browser use and how to chnge my?

It could be that you double-click branch in large TTree and it takes time to execute TTree::Draw() for that branch. Performance of TTree::Draw() does not depend if old or new TBrowser implementation is used.

You can read information about RBrowser and how disable it here

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