Problem reading TGraphAsummErrors from map with pyroot

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I am reading a set of TGraphAsymmErrors and save them to a map, but when I am trying to pass and read the TGraph from the map, I get like that the TGraph is empy.

import ROOT as root
import sys,math

eff_dataH ="string", root.TGraphAsymmErrors)()

def ScaleFactor(inputRootFile="Muon_IsoMu27.root") :
    global etaBinsH
    global get_EfficiencyData
    global get_EfficiencyMC
    EtaBins=["Lt0p9", "0p9to1p2","1p2to2p1","Gt2p1"]

    print inputRootFile
    fileIn = root.TFile(inputRootFile,"read")
    HistoBaseName = "ZMassEta"
    etaBinsH = fileIn.Get("etaBinsH")
    #etaLabel, GraphName
    nEtaBins = int(etaBinsH.GetNbinsX())
    eff_data= []
    eff_mc= []
    #eff_mcH =root.TGraphAsymmErrors()
    print "EtaBins...........",nEtaBins, len(EtaBins)
    for iBin in range (0, nEtaBins) :
        etaLabel = EtaBins[iBin]
        GraphName = HistoBaseName+etaLabel+"_Data"

    sff = get_EfficiencyData(46.8,2.0)
    print "ScaleFactor ",sff

def get_EfficiencyData(pt, eta) :

    label = FindEtaLabel(eta,"data")
    binNumber = etaBinsH.GetXaxis().FindFixBin(eta)
    label = etaBinsH.GetXaxis().GetBinLabel(binNumber)
    print eff_dataH
    ptbin = FindPtBin(eff_dataH, label, pt)
    Eta = math.fabs(eta)
    if ptbin == -99 : eff =1
    else  : eff= eff_dataH[label].GetY()[ptbin-1]
    print "inside eff_data",eff

    if eff > 1.  : eff = -1 
    if eff < 0 : eff = 0. 

    return eff

def FindPtBin( eff_map, EtaLabel, Pt) :

    Npoints = eff_map[EtaLabel].GetN()
    print Npoints, "for ===============>",eff_map[EtaLabel],eff_map[EtaLabel].GetN(),EtaLabel
    ptMAX = (eff_map[EtaLabel].GetX()[Npoints-1])+(eff_map[EtaLabel].GetErrorXhigh(Npoints-1))
    ptMIN = (eff_map[EtaLabel].GetX()[0])-(eff_map[EtaLabel].GetErrorXlow(0))
    if Pt >= ptMAX : return Npoints
    elif Pt < ptMIN :
        return -99
    else : return eff_map[EtaLabel].GetXaxis().FindFixBin(Pt)

The problem seems to appear when I call the FindPtBin to which I pass the map<string,TGraph> as shown above where the GetN() returns always 0. Any ideas what am I doing wrong ?


Are the graphs empty also when you add them to the map at this line?


It might be a problem retrieving them from the file. You can try to retrieve only one and see if you get it correctly.

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