Problem reading text file

I have started writing codes. And facing problems somewhere. Here i want to read the text file that i have generated and to plot some histograms. I have followed some examples from internet. Here I only can create the root file but not the histograms. I have attached the text file and my C file.Can someone please guide me.

Try to add


before closing f.

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  // ...
  TString s;
  while (1)
      in >> s >> s >> s >> px >> s >> s >> s >> py >> s >> s >> s >> pz;
      // ...
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Nope. Nothing happened.
Thanks for the response.

yeah but I can’t get all the values for px,py and pz.
Thank you for the response.

whats the problem with Wiles mod?
att your hist pz vs py, all 10000 are in:
C_Fhist_pz_py_v4.pdf (16.3 KB)
Why do you start nlines = 100? but thats irrelevant

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Yeah. That was the mistake. I got it. Thank you. :slight_smile: