Problem reading .root from TMVA


I am having problems reading the .root made with 6.12/04. In particular when I do

root -l

the panel opens but then seems like the file is empty (which is not). The .root file can be found here

The file was probably produced with an older TMVA version (pre 6.08, if I remember correctly). New TMVA has a DataLoader (by default of name “default”) and all data in the ROOT file needs to be in a folder with the DataLoader name.


Yes, the file was produced with root under CMSSW_8_0_25 (6.06/01) - So, setting a 6.06 instead of 6.12 seems to solve this (although naively one would expect backwards compatibility with MVA root files :wink:



Agree, it is a PITA to move all the code to the new directory structure. And worse, I don’t even see the benefit. Why would one ever want multiple dataloaders? My own code can only deal with one dataloader per file named “default” :slight_smile: For me, the biggest cause for trouble was that this name is also a name on the harddisk. If I remember correctly, it gets prepended to the filename you give to TMVA, so you can’t store results in arbitrary directories - you need to change the current working directory instead. So I ended up wrapping this in a class so that I don’t have to deal with TMVA’s ideas of storage any more :wink:

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