Problem reading data from root file

hi guys…
I want to read data from a root file (“data_1.root”) generated by the ALLPIX SQUARED software.
I loaded the lib file (“”) and used the codes below in root to read data:
TFile* f0=new TFile(“data_1.root”)
TTree* t0=(TTree*) f0->Get(“PropagatedCharge”)
,and I got only one entry in the tree, which means there is only one particle is simulated.
When I open the same root file with TBrowser, I could see the “charge” leaf with 22188 entries, which means that there are 22188 electrons produced in the detector.
Now I want to get the information in the 22188 entries but I don’t know how.
I would appreciate it if someone can help me with it. (1.4 MB)

_ROOT Version:6.16.00
_Platform:ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 64-bit (VMware)
Compiler: Not Provided

I guess you will need to contact the authors of the “ALLPIX SQUARED software”.

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