Problem plotting a component of a 2D RooAddPdf in a RooSimultaneous fit

Dear Experts,
I’m performing a RooSimultaneous on a 2D dataset and one index category. The PDF for each of the two categories is a RooAddPdf with with a normalization term derived from the fit.
I’d like to plot the x and y projections of the data and the corresponding fir components. But I’m struggling with the normalization.
I’m attaching a test file which reproduced the problem, although it does not perform the fit.

In the test I create a RooSimulateous PDF for a signal region (SR) and a background region (BR).
Both regions receieve contribution from a 2D signal and a 2D background PDF, linked by an efficiency term.

The RooSimultaneous PDF is made, for both regions of two RooAddPsf, 2D.
I generated individually the signal and the background in the SR and BR and plotted the 4 projections:
SR and BR for the x variable, and SR and BR for the y variable.
Then I tried to plot the Signal contribution for the SR and the corresponding RooSimultaneous component, but normalizations don’t match.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
test.C (3.11 KB)

I was wondering if anybody got a chance to look into this.