Problem on reading from Ansys and COMSOL

As the title, I tried examples Gem and Comsol, the origin examples worked well, but when I replaced the field file with my own (I only used the part of reading field process in examples), they did not work.
I want to know if it is the problem with the field files. Following are the field files I used. (997.3 KB)
The ansys file is too big, so I made a shared link following.

Your Comsol field map uses a linear tetrahedral mesh (4 nodes per mesh element). The ComponentComsol interface only works with quadratic tetrahedral meshes (10 nodes per element) at the moment. I’ll put it on our to-do list to add the possibility to also read linear tetrahedral meshes, but for the time being the easiest solution is probably to re-run Comsol and use a quadratic tetrahedral mesh.

I didn’t manage to download the Ansys files (I don’t know which button to click on after following the link you sent).

Sorry for my negligence about Ansys file.
I upload it again by WeTransfer.

I’m also trying your suggestion about Comsol.
Thanks for your reply!

Thanks a lot for your solution.
By following your advice, Comsol field file can be read correctly by Garfield++.

sorry for the delay. I downloaded your ANSYS file, and the import works fine for me.
Can you make sure you have the latest version of Garfield++ and try again?

Thanks for your test.

My Garfield++ was installed recently, I can not make sure it’s the problem of version or some other things wrong. I will try your suggestion and give my feedback.

Thanks again for your patient reply!

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