Problem of reading histogram from root file

I have a root file, which contains a 2D histogram named “h2”.
I can read h2 histogram in interactive mode as following:

TFile f(“Yb.root”);
TH2F h = (TH2F)f.Get(“h2”);

However, when I copy this to macro, there is no error, but I got nothing. The graph is all white.

Here is link to my root file:!AtQQQjEImW1Wg9s3Fef9qT7mkMz2ug

I used ROOT 5.34/32 (v5-34-32@v5-34-32, Jun 23 2015, 17:58:02 on win32)

Thank you very much,
read.C (142 Bytes)


Thank you very much, Pepe