Problem of guitest.C

Another problem is also for TGTextEdit. Still Click “Open Editor”

If I click out of the Text Region, the cursor is still there. Is there any way to turn cursor off?


I can reproduce this case and will investigate the reason.

Best regards, Ilka

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In fact what you see is a normal behavior - the cursor stays as a reminder where it was before you left the text editor window. It does not blink. Only when you go back to the editor, it starts blinking. You could verify that the other text editors behave the same way (nedit on linux, for example).

Cheers, Ilka

Thank you for your help.

I see it’s normal in nedit. But it’s abnormal in html.

Is it possible to hide cursor temporarily?


I added a new method EnableCursorWithoutFocus(Bool_t on) in TGTextEditor. If you call:fEdit->EnableCursorWithoutFocus(kFALSE);the cursor will disappear anytime the focus went out from TGTextEdit window.

The code is available in svn trunk.

Cheers, Ilka

Thank you so much.
You did a great job.

I got it. Thanks again.