Problem intalling ROOT 5.16 on SL3

Hi all

I have a problem to install ROOT v5.16 on Scintific Linux 3. When trying to
compile the first file i get the following error message from make

[i]gcc -O2 -pipe -m32 -Wall -W -fPIC -Iinclude -pthread -DINCLUDEDIR="/usr/include" -DOBJSUFFIX=".o" -o build/rmkdepend/cppsetup.o -c build/rmkdepend/cppsetup.c

make: expand.c:489: allocated_variable_append: Assertion `current_variable_set_list->next != 0’ failed.

Asking Google about this error message it looks like there is an error in
version 3.79 of make used by Scientific Linux 3.

On the download page of ROOT i can see that there is a tar file for SL3.

Can someone explain me what yu did to compile ROOT on SL3.

Thanks in advance

Florian Uhlig

I do not see any problem under SLC3 with make version 3.79.
The only thing that I can suggest is to
make distclean

and post your config.log and config.status files.


Thank you verry much.

The trick with make distclean before the configuration does the job.
What i don’t understand is why i have to do a distclean before the
configuration. This means there is something in the tarball what doesn’t
belongs there. Is this correct?



In case you untar the tar ball in an existing directory, you still get the old files.
When old classes are deleted or moved to a different directory, you may get problem
if you do not distclean.


That i can have problem with an already existing is clear, but i didn’t untar in an existing directory. This problem occurs with a clean new installation.