Problem installing ROOT 5.22/00 on Ubuntu

Hi, I downloaded the source archive of ROOT 5.22/00. After compiling (on Ubuntu 8.10) with

./configure linux
make -j2

although I setted all the environment variables, following, when I try to install this is what happens:

carlo@carlo-laptop:~/Desktop/root$ sudo make install
ROOTSYS not set, set it to a destination directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

Thanks for help

Dear Carlo,

The documentation is indeed a bit unclear on this point (it will be fixed). You need to specify at least --prefix:

./configure linux --prefix


./configure linux --prefix=/install/path/for/root

if “/usr/local” is not the destination directory.
Remember to also set the etc dir with --etcdir if “/etc/root” is not what you want.

G. Ganis

Thanks Ganis for your reply.
I successfully compiled and installed ROOT, but there is one more problem. Either setting environment variables or not, I’m not able to launch root:

carlo@carlo-laptop:~$ root -l
/usr/local/bin/root.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Dear Carlo,

The problem is that the linker does not know where the new libraries are.
This is because dlopen searches only in /lib and /usr/lib, so one has to set either the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or to add /usr/local/lib/root to /etc/ and run /sbin/ldconfig again.
I suggest you try the second option: just create a file root.conf with the line /usr/local/lib/root inside; it should look like

$ cat root.conf

Then copy the file under /etc/ with sudo and then run ‘sudo /sbin/ldconfig’.

I agree that the documentation is not completely clear on this point; we will try to improve it.

G. Ganis

Thank you very much Ganis for your patience. Your help was fundamental.