Problem installing from source on Debian Squeeze


I have been trying to install ROOT for the last couple of days but I can’t. I am compiling it from source (root_v5.26.00.source.tar.gz). I am running Debian Squeeze(testing) and compiling with the following ./configure options:

./configure linuxx8664gcc --prefix==$HOME/local --enable-gsl-shared

It compiles with no problem. The problem comes when I “make install”. It writes about doing all the installation but then I go to $HOME/local and is empty.

Installing binaries in =/home/ghiret/local/bin
Installing libraries in =/home/ghiret/local/lib/root
Installing headers in =/home/ghiret/local/include/root
Installing main/src/rmain.cxx in =/home/ghiret/local/include/root
Installing cint/cint/include cint/cint/lib and cint/cint/stl in =/home/ghiret/local/lib/root/cint
Installing cint/cint7/include cint/cint7/lib and cint/cint7/stl in =/home/ghiret/local/lib/root/cint
Installing icons in =/home/ghiret/local/share/root/icons
Installing fonts in =/home/ghiret/local/share/root/fonts
Installing misc docs in =/home/ghiret/local/share/doc/root
Installing tutorials in =/home/ghiret/local/share/doc/root/tutorials
Installing tests in =/home/ghiret/local/share/doc/root/test
Installing macros in =/home/ghiret/local/share/root/macros
Installing man(1) pages in =/home/ghiret/local/share/man/man1
Installing config files in /etc/root
Installing Autoconf macro in =/home/ghiret/local/share/aclocal
Installing Emacs Lisp library in =/home/ghiret/local/share/emacs/site-lisp
Installing GDML conversion scripts in =/home/ghiret/local/lib/root

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?



–prefix==$HOME/local should be --prefix=$HOME/local Configure just does what you tell it to do :slight_smile:

Cheers, Axel.


I have looked at the output a lot of times and for some reason I was missing the "=/home… "

Thanks and sorry for posting such a stupid problem.