Problem in ROOT5.32 installation as a normal user on AFS

Dear ROOT expert:

I am installing ROOT5.32, I install it under /afs/ with:

./configure --prefix=/afs/

no problem in gmake, but when gmake install, seems it want to create ‘/etc/root’’ and put some configuration files there, of course it failed since I don’t have the root privielege.

-bash-3.2$ gmake install
Installing binaries in /afs/
Installing libraries in /afs/
Installing headers in /afs/
Installing /afs/ in /afs/
Installing cint/cint/include cint/cint/lib and cint/cint/stl in /afs/
Installing icons in /afs/
Installing fonts in /afs/
Installing misc docs in /afs/
Installing tutorials in /afs/
Installing tests in /afs/
Installing macros in /afs/
Installing man(1) pages in /afs/
Installing config files in /etc/root
mkdir: cannot create directory /etc/root': Permission denied cp: target/etc/root’ is not a directory
Installing Autoconf macro in /afs/
Installing Emacs Lisp library in /afs/
Installing GDML conversion scripts in /afs/

Later when running proof-lite, the following error appeared:

Fatal in TVirtualStreamerInfo::Factory: Cannot find the plugin handlers for TVirtualStreamerInfo! $ROOTSYS/etc/plugins/TVirtualStreamerInfo does not exist or is inaccessible.
Error in TUnixSystem::StackTrace script /etc/root/ is missing

Seems ROOT still wants to call something under /etc/root, so how can I avoid the accessing of /etc/root ?


Ok, I just change it to:

./configure --prefix=/afs/ --etcdir=/afs/, let me see if it works.


O.K, the problem is solved in this case. But it’s still strange why I need to assign --etcdir even if I have assigned --prefix.



this may look indeed strange, but in principle the --prefix is only intended for “distribution” builds, like for Debian or RedHat. In those cases the install directory (–prefix=) /usr or /usr/local and etc has always to go in /etc as per convention. So this is what the configure script is doing by default. Therefore use --etcdir as you did to set it to where you want it. Personally I always install without --prefix and add the /bin to my PATH or, better, source /biun/

Cheers, Fons.