Problem in getting line histogram

It seems this is a very trivial problem but I haven’t yet been able to solve it. I am trying to plot a histogram after filling it from the entries in the TTree along with adding weight to each entry while filling it [histo->Fill(xx,weight)]. But the moment I use this command, the default file histogram vanishes and I get error bars. I used all the options given in the link ( for 1D histograms(example:histo->Draw(“L”) or histo->Draw(“l”)) but still I get the same error bar histogram. I am facing this problem only when I add weight to each event (i.e not when using histo->Fill(xx)).
Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
Thanking you in advance!

Are you sure you tried all the available options, in particular did you try h->Draw("hist")?

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Yes, this option works!(histo->Draw(“hist”)). I had only tried the options given in the table "Options for 1D histograms or 2D histograms"

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