Problem in configure in git code

Hi, I’m trying to compile the latest git code (commit 39dc09312f3e69398c26fbdd60be99260ec9477a) to try root with cling, and I found something strange in a configure file. In interpreter/llvm/src/configure at lines 1983 and 1984 I find:


I’m not an expert of bash scripting, I don’t understand this syntax. Anyway, after configuring the build with

$ ../root/configure --with-python-incdir=/usr/include/python2.7/ --enable-minuit2 --enable-gdml

I then launch make, and I find these messages in the build output:

/tmp/root/interpreter/llvm/src/configure: line 1983: -m64: command not found
/tmp/root/interpreter/llvm/src/configure: line 1984: -m64: command not found

It seems that the script tries to execute -m64, which is the content of CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS, and obviously failing. I don’t know whether it is a problem with my bash version (I use 4.2.45), a bug or a mistake I made. Can anyone help please? By the way, is there a better (or more “canonical”) way than compilig git master to try ROOT 6 with cling? Thanks.


Which platform is this failing on? A priori on most platform it works just fine.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I don’t know what the problem was but anyway with current head it compiles fine. By the way, I’m on ArchLinux 64 bit.