Problem in compiling Root 5.30.02 with MacBook Pro (Lion OS)

Hi everyone
I must install root in my new matchbook pro, that came with Lion OS
I downloaded this source
unpacked, got to de dir with terminal and than i made as told to do
configure macosx64
then i tried
make -j 4
(having my pc 4 cores, but i tried also make with no success)
the compiling starts, and i have the output i attach
the result is that if i type
I get
-bash: root: command not found

What am I mistaking?

EDIT:don’t know how, don’t know why, it worked! i just done a make clean and than a fresh download and installation with configure macosx64 and only clean (without -j 4, is it a problem!?)
and now it is working…
Root_output copia.txt (834 KB)


There was a dependency error in the Makefile regarding xrootd which was tripped with make -j4. Running without -j4 works around the problem.