Problem in building ROOT project in eclipse

I have a client server program where the server receives a root file path from the client and converts it into root file. I am using ellipse IDE for the project where I have included the root header files. My communication part is through. But when I am adding the header file for root and building it gives an error ‘ISO C++ forbids declaration of TList with no type.’ Similar errors for all such root headers added. How can I solve this? Can you suggest an IDE if I have to code in C++, use some root interfaces and also require GUI features…


I would decouple the compilation error from the IDE choice being the latter more or less a matter of taste.
Can we help you compiling your code?


It would be of great help . The project is 3.7 MB. I am unable to upload it here. May I have your mail id.



if it’s 3.7MB perhaps it’s too much to handle… What is the actual problem? Can you reprododuce it and describe it?


It is giving error for all ROOT classes like ‘ISO C++ forbids declaration of TList with no type.’ etc etc…

I am sorry but this does not say anything about the possible cause. I think we need a minimal reproducer.

Are you sure that $(ROOTSYS)/include is in the include path of your IDE?

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