Problem in accessing a branch of vector<vector <int> >

Dear rooters,
I defined a set of branchs of vector<vector > and vector<vector > in a tree called “myEvent” in the main Ntuple . But now, when I am trying to access it, it shows me an error:
Undefined symbols:
"_main", referenced from:
start in crt1.10.6.o
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

To create the dictionary, in root I did:
gInterpreter->GenerateDictionary(“vector<vector >”,“vector”);
gInterpreter->GenerateDictionary(“vector<vector >”,“vector”);

This created dictionaries called AutoDict_vector_vector_float____cxx.s and
Then, I am trying to compile the .C file created by MakeClass using
g++ -Wno-deprecated myEvent.C -o myEvent -I$ROOTSYS/include -I$PWD -L$ROOTSYS/lib root-config --cflags root-config --libs -L$PWD

which gives me an error pasted above.

Could anyone please help me understanding what is it that am doing wrong or may be missing?

Thanks & Regards

So, it took me sometime to figure out but anyway the missing thing was the absence of main() in the myEvent.C. As soon as I define
int main()
myEvent t;
return 0;

in there, it works fine.