Problem due to root version

When I updated my linux system from Ubuntu7.03 to Ubuntu8.04, I couldn’t compile ROOT5.14 which was successfully compiled in the old version of linux. But ROOT5.19 was installed successfully in the new version of linux.

Now it comes up with a problem. GATE using ROOT libraries can’t be successfully linked. I should point out that it worked well with ROOT5.14. Attached is the errors I got when I compiled GATE package using ROOT5.19.

Any help will be appreciated.
gate.txt (30.8 KB)

When using 5.19 (in fact since 5.16) you have to specify -lRio -lMathCore
when linking your application (see Release Notes).
To avoid this kind of problem when we change version, we recommend using
root-config --libs in your link sequence instead of the explicit list of libraries.