Problem Creating GDML File


I am using Root to Create a GDML File which I will use to import into Geant4. Overall I have an extensive detector geometry however I am testing it with a simple beam pipe geometry. I however receive errors upon creation of the GDML file. I have attached the .C macro I use, my .sh script (as a txt file since I cannot upload a .sh file) for setting the environment variables and a txt file displaying the readout I get upon executing the root macro. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

command_line.txt (5.84 KB)
alice_env.txt (2.53 KB)
Det.C (4.79 KB)

Using the recent reply of Tue Mar 22, 2011 17:29 found in [url]Composite Shapes cause bus error in gdml export this long-standing problem can finally been “solved”.
In the “Det.C” source code file, one needs to replace:
TGeoVolume *PIPF1 = new TGeoVolume(“PIPF1”,PIPR1);
TGeoVolume *PIPF2 = new TGeoVolume(“PIPF2”,PIPR2);
with something like:
TGeoVolume *PIPF1 = new TGeoVolume(“PIPF1”,PIPR1, med1);
TGeoVolume *PIPF2 = new TGeoVolume(“PIPF2”,PIPR2, med1);