Problem building root on cygwin with gcc 3.2

I have had the same problem trying to build 3.10 and 4.00.

Here’s what I did:
get source from website
unix> tar -xzf root_v3.10.02.source.tar.gz
unix> cd root
unix> export PATH=/home/cplager/Junk/root/root/bin/:$PATH
unix> export ROOTSYS=$PWD
unix> ./configure win32gcc 2>&1 | tee config.txt
unix> make 2>&1 | tee make.txt

I then get errors like:
Error: unrecognized language construct FILE:base/inc/TStorage.h LINE:77

(see attached for full output of configure and make)

I have root 3.10 installed from the binaries, and that works well, except that I’m trying to get pyroot installed and was told that I need to build it myself.

Any ideas?

make.txt (65.3 KB)
config.txt (2.16 KB)

Hi Charles,
what cygwin version are you using (cygcheck -something should give you the answer - sorry, I have no access to windows right now), what version of gcc? There has been a problem with cygwin 1.5.5, see this thread.

Hi Axel,
I’m using I tried earlier and had problems with emacs. I guess its time to upgrade. I’ll try it with a later version and post what happens.

Hi Axel,
I upgraded cygwin and I successfully compiled root 4.00 including pyroot. Is pyroot going to be built-in as the default anytime soon?


I have to upgrade my machine to the latest cygwin/gcc, import the latest Python and build the new version.
With the coming CHEP and several events following, I do not expect
to do this job in the coming few weeks, but hopefully before Christmas.

Axel, let me know if you build it. I will expose your tar file on our web site.


I’ll prepare the build, including all optionaly libraries that build with cygwin (python, ruby, …). Let me first try to debug the nasty and unsolved problem at For that I need to build a debug version of x11. But I should be able to get that done before christmas.

Sweet! :stuck_out_tongue:

the “sweet” build of root 4.01/02 for win32gcc is done, you can get it in the ROOT download section. It has a lot of support libs enabled: ruby, python, pythia, venus, chirp, coin, cernlib, krb5, ssl, SRP, AfterImage. For pg/mysql, ruby, and python you can simply install the corresponding cygwin packages. The others you can get from my little file repository [].

Note that some changes were backported to this build to make ruby and python work (i.e. ruby and python do not work in a regular 4.01/02 win32gcc build, only in this binary distribution and in a build from the current cvs version of root).