Problem after installation!

Hello !
I’m trying to istall root on a mac. So I’ve downloaded the source code (root_v5.28.00c.source), and followed the instruction on how to install the program (location independent installation). After the installation root works, but every time i open a new terminal i have to go to the root directory and write " . bin/ " so that the root will work…

Can anyone help me to solve this problem ?



Just add . ~ /root/bin/ to your .bash_profile (or .bashrc).

Cheers, Fons.

Wow, I joined specifically to answer this question. I guess I don’t have to now.

I hope you will help answering other questions in the future. All community help is welcome.

Cheers, Fons.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
Anyway i already tried to do so, and it doesn’t work … the file is there but i still got the same problem.
It’s not such a big deel in the end, i just have to call that .sh file before playing root…

cheers, Ian!