Printing OpenGL images

The OpenGL experimental viewer is great fun, but when I try any of the Print options ROOT will either

(If using shapes.C from the tutorials)
hang on

Info in TVirtualGL::Print: Start creating viewer.eps. Please wait …


(If using modified versions of shapes.C with different collections of shapes)
display a successful message

Info in TVirtualGL::Print: Start creating viewer.pdf. Please wait …
Info in TVirtualGL::Print: ROOT file viewer.pdf has been created

with the file viewer.pdf (.eps, they both behave the same) consisting only of a page of white and no image.

Am I missing anything, or am I just making a stupid mistake?
Thanks for any help.

Oh, I’m running 4.04/02 on OS X 10.4.2

Dumping GL images was not fully implemented in version.
Move to version 5


It should work with no problem with Qt extenstion