Print file name on canvas

Hi Rooters,

 I try to figure out how to print the file name on the canvas if I print

an object from that file. Eg. replacing the standard titel of an object
with the file name.
Someone a hint ?



Hi Adi,

Can you just use the “SetTitle” method?

or you could add a “TLatex” object on the canvas and instantiate it with the name of the file

(maybe I have misunderstood your question?)



well, I was more thinking of getting the file name automatically

on each plot I put on the canvas, even if they are from different files.
Is there some option setting which would do that or do I have to extract
the file name each time and put it in the SetTitle or some other command ?



Hi Adi,
did you find solution?
Could you explain in more details what you want (not clear for me :cry:)?
What is “the standard title of an object”? “Object” stands for histogram?

Regards. Valeriy