Prevent selection of geometry objects in Eve

In my Eve based event display I would like to arrange it so that geometry objects are not selected when picking them so that “event” objects can be selected even when they are covered by geometrical objects ( i.e. parts of the detector)

I tried:

calling ExpandIntoListTreesRecursively();

SetPickable(kFALSE) recursively on all items in the geometry starting from the TEveGeoTopNode object.

This does not have any effect.

Any ideas anyone?


SetPickable() should work, there is also TEveElement::SetPickableRecursively() … hmmh, unless this is a TGeo geometry imported via TEveGeoTopNode? But then selection should not work at all … I’m somewhat puzzled.

Anyway, the best way to prevent a subset of objects from being selected is to:

  1. put them into a separate scene
  2. call eve_scene->GetGLScene()->SetSelctable(kFALSE);
    and also add the scene to the viewer for rendering.

Ah, now I see what you mean … the geometry objects are opaque an dpicking doesn’t “penetrate them” … the scene method will also work in this case. However, SetPickable(kFALSE) would also work if the geometry objects are slightly transparent, geom_el->SetMainTransparency(1).


Hi Matevz,
This worked: