Prevent OSX Developer Tools Taking Control of CINT

I am using ROOT 5.34/09 from MacPorts (using +clang32) on Mac OSX 10.7.5 and XCode 4.5.1.

When I make the interpreter crash (but not always - it depends on the type of crash), I get a pop-up window saying:

If I put in my password, XCode starts up and tries to start debugging. If I don’t put in the password and press cancel, I get a second pop-up:

If I cancel this second dialog, the CINT crash can continue and I can try to quit the interpreter with the various .q .qqqq (.qqqqqqqqqqq) commands.

I would like XCode to not try to take control of the crashing interpreter, because it requires me to cancel two dialog boxes (with the mouse, no less!) in order to continue working. I don’t have XCode turned on, and I don’t do my coding/compiling with XCode, it’s installed strictly to that MacPorts can work. I found out online how to make XCode not ask for my password to take control, but that’s even worse, because XCode is very bulky and slow to start up, and I don’t want it to start at all!

Do any other Mac users have this problem? I would like to have XCode ignore my ROOT/CINT crashes entirely.