Pre-load TCuts into TreeViewer

I enjoy using the TreeViewer for exploring data and developing cuts. I’ve developed some great little ditties for my experiment and I would really like if they were available in the TreeViewer GUIs cuts sections without me having to redefine them every time I open a new TreeViewer. Is there a way to load up cuts into the GUI? Maybe something like:

TCut top = "fheight > 0";
TCut bot = "fheight < 0";

Then I can click away in my TreeViewer. Thanks for the help.


There is no such option in the TreeViewer. But I’ll see what can be done.

Cheers, Bertrand.

I am looking for this same feature. I have lots of predefined TCuts. My fingers hurt now after typing them so many times :slight_smile:
I am still looking on the web/documentation if I can find anything remotely to this, to be able to load pre-defined TCut objects.


In a TreeViewer session, one can go to the menu of the window and click in save source code. When a new TreeViewer session is started, you can load de code by, again , in the menu clicking the OpenSession and loading the previously saved file. This will allow people to save predefined TCuts as well as and rec objects created during previous sessions.