#pragma link ignored... why?

I am trying to use rootcint for custom interpretor development.
One class is getting compiled but not accessible from the interpretor.
The workaround looks like creating a dummy and adding it
through #pragma link C++ class SingleSource;

I am not able to understand why it is ignoring this
#pragma declaration…

could any body suggest /advice me on the problem and the possible

Thank you in anticipation. I strictly followed of how to add external library
I am using Linux 9.1 (mandrake, g++3.2.2).

I beg your pardon if this is not the forum where I need to post this query.

Hi Prasad,

#pragma, when used properly, should not be ignored. From your post it is unclear how you are using them or how it is failing.

In order to be of any help, we would need:

  • the ROOT version number
  • the way you are generated the dictionary (i.e ACliC or rootcint)
  • the way you load the dictionary
  • if you are using rootcint, the actual linkdef file
  • the file declaring your classes
  • any other information you think would help reproducing your problem