Potential Memory Leak

I initialize a pointer to a histogram with this line of code:
TH1D *h = new TH1D();

I then enter a for loop. With each iteration of the for loop h points to a different histogram contained inside of a root file.
Where rootfile is a TFile and histname is a pointer to a character array.

After h is assigned a new histogram the histogram goes through several operations before it is added to a TObjArray and the process starts over.

My code works and the final product is good, however, I end up with this warning for each iteration of the for loop.
Warning in : Replacing existing histogram: ****** (Potential memory leak).

Where ******* represents the name of the histogram.

I have tried deleting the pointer to a histogram at the end of each iteration of the for loop and I have tried freeing the pointer at the end of each iteration of the for loop, however, neither work.

Does anyone know what is wrong?

Thank you in Advance,

See chapter about Object Ownership in the Users Guide