Posix.dll in OSX installation


I am having trouble getting my root macros working on my new mac machine. I wrote them originally on an ubuntu installation, and everything is working fine there. Version 5.34 is installed on each.

When I load my scripts, I get the message:

posix.dll is not found. Do ‘sh setup’ in $CINTSYSDIR/lib/posix if you use UNIX.

However, when I follow this instruction, I just get the error:

setup: line 1: makecint: command not found
make: Makefile: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target ‘Makefile’. Stop.
rm: G_*: No such file or directory
rm: Makefile: No such file or directory
rm : *.o: No such file or directory

In my .profile file, $CINTSYSDIR is set to the directory ‘~/root/cint/cint’, where I am using the absolute NOT relative path.

Root is opening up fine, but seems to generate the original message when I try to load c++ standard libraries.

Thanks in advance


Can you reduce your macro to something that I could run and that reproduces this behavior?

Cheers, Axel.