Position of the Title

since the last versions of ROOT, the display of my pictures are modified.
In particular I would like to recover the title position of my histo.
previously I had :

and now I have with gStyle.SetTitleX(0) :

or whitout :

Is there something simple to do in order to have my title at left ?

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ROOT Version: 6.32
Platform: lxplus
Compiler: Not Provided

The default alignment is 23 (centre-top, see Alignment options); you can check it by printing the output of gStyle>GetTitleAlign(). You can use gStyle>SetTitleAlign(13); to align to the left, in addition to SetTitleX(0):


  auto h = new TH1F("h","test histogram",10,-4,4);
  h->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("y title");

I would suppose you could also get the title’s X position (gStyle->GetTitleW()) and width (gStyle->GetTitleW()) and use them in a formula, and maybe I’m missing something but the returned width value does not seem to be updated with the actual width (which depends on the text in the title), unless you manually set it with gStyle->SetTitleW().

Many thanks !
All lokks good now.