Pop up menus not working with Mac OS El Capitan


I just upgraded to Mac OS El Capitan, but noticed that none of the menus (TGPopupMenu) work. This can be easily reproduced by opening a Canvas: I can get the menu to pop up but none of the menu items can be selected and clicked. The same when I try the guitest program.

I tried it with root 5.34 and 6.04, both show the same issue.

Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?

yes, for example, reading this forum can help: Mac OSX 10.11 - TBrowser, menu selection

The patch for the master: root.cern.ch/gitweb?p=root.git; … 20c934a38f


root.cern.ch/gitweb?p=root.git; … f2eda2d041

Thanks a lot. This did the trick.

However, I did search the form and this thread does not show up searching for “menu El Capitan”, despite those words appearing in the thread. Thus something seems to be not working with the default search function in the forum…