Plotting the electric field profile

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I created a cell with 1 wire (open circle) with a positive HV and 9 wires (black dots) without any HV applied as attached picture (see celllayout.pdf). They are 1 cm apart of each other. When I try to check the electric field profile using “plotprofile” of ViewField, the output graph of x-axis is “normalized distance.” Is there a way to set x-axis to be un-normalized distance? And how can I change the range of y-axis to plot?

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Satoko celllayout.pdf (12.4 KB) example.pdf (20.2 KB)


I guess that’s a question for @hschindl.

I’ve just committed a small modification,

ViewField::PlotProfile now has an additional argument (bool normalized). If you set it to false, the x-axis will show the non-normalized distance from the starting point. Let me know if it works.

To change the y-axis limits you can use the functions
SetVoltageRange(const double vmin, const double vmax);
SetElectricFieldRange(const double emin, const double emax);

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Hi Heinrich,

I merged the change, and it is working. Thank you so much.

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