Plotting histograms with uncertanties

Hi everybody,
I was trying to plot some histograms with their associated uncertanties. I have managed to do this by superimposing a TGraphAsymmErrors to each histogram. The result is satisfactory but the method seems quite rough to me.
Anyway, I’d like to show the various contributions to the total uncertanties, i.e. I’d like to plot a blue band for the statistical and a green one for the statistical+systematic, but I have no idea how to do it.
I was almost forgetting it: errors are asymmetrical.

Any help will be very appreciated, thank you.

You can find available options to display various kind of graphs here: TGraphPainter

thanks for your reply, I had already consulted the page you linked, but I was not able to found any option suiting my needs.
The closest one is the definition of a TGraphAsymmError, but, as far as I’ve understood, it allows for just 1 uncertainty, i.e. I’m forced to choose whether to plot the total error or just one component.

Create several graphs with “partial errors” (and group them all in a TMultiGraph, starting with the graph corresponding to the biggest “total errors” and ending with the graph corresponding to the smallest “partial errors”).

Thank you very much, that solved my problem :slight_smile: