Plotting field lines

ROOT Version: 6.22
Platform: Ubuntu
Compiler: G++

Let’s say, I have a field equation E = E(x,y,z) as a vector form. How do I plot field lines in root. Because for TGraphs I can only put f(x,y,z) =0 graph for 3D visualisation.
Thank you.

May be you are looking for TGraph2D class?

Yes sir, I am aware of it.
But the problem is let’s say E = e^2/(x^2 + y^2+ z^2)
I have 3 independent parameters along with one dependent parameter.
How do I plot the field lines then by 3 dimensionally?

Class TF2 shows how it can be done in 2d space.
Lines on TF2 drawings corresponds to same function value.
But in 3D space it is much more complicated.
You could try draw TF3 objects