Plotting Charge on module from a single hit


I am working on a project for the pixel detector of ATLAS. I am able to display the charge distribution on an individual module for all hits and tracks.

I have plotted “pixelIBLCharge” on “pixelIBLRow[i]:pixelIBLCol[i]”. This gives me all the charge deposited on module[I] from all hits and events.

But I want to be display only the charge distribution from a single hit. Would anyone know how to do that?

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hi michael,

I think it depends on how the data is saved in yout ntuple, tgos is not really a root technical question… are the individual hits stored?


The individual hits and tracks are stored in my tuples yes. My end goal is to allow event viewer to let me click on a track, and be able to view the sensors/modules that track passed through, and be able to look at the charge distribution on each sensor from that specific track. But right now I can only display the entire charge distribution. Unsure how to isolate that posited by a single hit, even though I have the hit data stored. Associating these two pieces of information seems a mystery.

Hi Michael,
it sounds like this problem is strictly related to the way your datasets are created and the way you store the hit/track/charge distribution information. I’m not sure this is a ROOT question.

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