Plots using JSROOT in Jupyter

HI All,

I’ve been using ROOT in Jupyter notebooks lately, and it’s been great. My only gripe is that when using jsroot, the displayed canvas doesn’t show axis labels, even if you add them. I’ve been playing around and I noticed you can right-click and add axis labels. But what I’ve found is if you click more than once on the jsroot plot, it gets stuck in a loop where you can only access the “frame” menu when right-clicking. Thus, I can never add both x and y labels in jsroot. I’ve tried multiple browsers, and all had a similar experience.

Also… you can only export the figure as a png from jsroot. It would be very useful to also export a vector graphic like pdf or eps.

Fixing/adding a few more features in the jupyter/jsroot experience will make it unstoppable.

If I’m wrong, and there are work arounds to the above, please let me know.


_ROOT Version: root-6.12.06
_Platform: CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)
_Compiler: gcc version 4.8.5 20150623

Hi Evan,

Sorry, this bug was fixed recently and not yet made available for Jupyter. Should happen in next weeks.

We do not support pdf or eps, but can support SVG output. Starting from SVG, you can produce other formats, using software like ImageMagic. I will check when such feature can be provided.


Hi again,

I implement feature in dev version.

It will be available in next release around end of October and then for Jupyter Notebooks


Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply. SVG works too, can easily make pdfs from that.


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