PLot TMultiGraph in double range where one is in Logaritmic scale


My problem is the following:

I have two set of TGraph arrange in two different TMultiGraph, (I have it in the form of .C macro but I guess it is the same) and I want to plot these two sets in a single canvas to show them together, the problem is that they have different scale so I have to put a second TGaxis on the left to show this additional scale, also one of these two sets needs to be plotted in Logaritmic scale to make sense. I really don’t know how to do it, seems like the fact that the second set must be plotted in logaritmic scale makes things much more difficult, I came the closest with this solution, problem is either I plot the second MultiGraph with the option “A”, but in that case I will have the x-y axis superimposed with the other set of MultiGraph, or I plot it without the “A” option where I get an error when I try to set the logaritmic scale with gPad->SetLogy(). Is there an easy example you can give me how to do this?

Thank you in advance

Thanks a Lot!
Problem solved