Plot lorentzian function

Hello, I wrote a macro to plot two lorentzian functions. I’ve thre questions:

  1. The top of the functions look like cutted…

  1. I want to print the maxima, then I used

but the printed value in the file, don’t fit the value that I read in the y-axis. For example in the previous plot, in the y-axis I read approximately, 1.5 and 1.10, but in the file it prints 2.1 and 1.3

Results.txt (111 Bytes)

  1. I notice that the height changes when I change the x-range values (i.e. a,b), as you can see in the next plot.
    The maxima in the file don’t change when I change the x-range, then I mean they are the real values…but how to get them also in the plot?

lorfun.cpp (1.9 KB)

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Try: f1->SetNpx(1000); f2->SetNpx(1000);

Thank you…it solved all the problems

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