Plans for Root on cygwin with gcc 3.3?

I’m curious if there are plans to distribute Root made with gcc 3.3 (gcc 3.2 is no longer supported by the cygwin community)?


p.s. What is the status of pyroot and cygwin?

Axel has 3.3 on his machine. I hope to upgrade my system to the latest
cygwin/gcc before Christmas.

If you build from source, pyroot should work under cygwin/gcc.
If you have problems, contact the author Wim Lavrijsen


Good day,

     As I mentioned before, I'm hoping to get PyRoot running on Cygwin.  As suggested, I tried downloading the source 4.00.08 and building root myself.  It was not successful (see attached error).


  • downloaded and unzipped the 4.00.08 source

  • 'cd’ed to the top directory and set ROOTSYS to be there

  • unix> configure win32gcc

  • unix> make

      One other question: Will future cygwin binary releases come with PyRoot?

root_make.error.txt (50.5 KB)